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Franchise Module

India is second most populated country in the world , which comprises of population of almost 15 corer children which require the at most care , love and early education . Due to the increase in life style of the people . It has become necessary for the parents to work hard to provide good future to their children .
1. Low investment , high returns 2. Established chain 15 + pre-school 3. Innovative teaching methodology and advance curricula 4. Total commitment to franchisee 5. Eco - friendly infrastructure a connection with native and its surroundings 6. Structured classroom 7. Best pre-school in India 8. 15+ branches and 3 international tie ups 9. 11+ awards 10. Live update to the parents 11. Best support system
  • Low investment
  • High returns
  • Financial freedom
  • Respectable business
  • Less working hours
  • Comprehensive training & management support
  • 1.Land /Building - How much square feet space? 2.Capital investment - How much investment required? 3.Franchise fee: - One time franchise fee depending on the city
    1.Advertising and promotion guidelines 2.Integrated curriculum 3.Assignment and assessment 4.Supply of school equipment 5.Office stationary 6.Standard operating procedure 7. Onsite teachers and counselors 8.On going support 9.School software
    1. Meet and greet 2.Agree franchise terms 3.Identify & closure of location 4.Sign agreement & remit payment 5.Preparation of facility as per guidance 6.Recruitment & training of staff 7.Commence of operations